Advance Patrol geben neues Album aus Protest freiwillig her

3 06 2009

advance patrolDas letzte Album der Hip Hop Group Advance Patrol wurde im Prozess gegen die Pirate Bay verwendet, aus Protest haben die Kollegen ihr neues Album jetzt freiwillig bei PB hochgeladen. Im Statement dazu fallen einige sehr lobenswerte Worte, von denen sich diverse andere Leute mal eine ordentliche Scheibe abschneiden können.

Hip hip group Advance Patrol is fighting back against the music industry’s use of its last album’s availability on Swedish BitTorrent tracker site The Pirate Bay as evidence in the landmark copyright infringement trial by uploading its latest album to the site.

“We never asked to be plaintiffs in this case,” explains Gonza from the group. “They used us as a weapon in a fight in which we don’t wish to participate. We refuse to be used in a war against our fans!”

The group recognizes that the people sharing its music are the ones who comprise its fanbase, and thinks its important to value that relationship not ruin it by suing them and demanding thousands of dollars in compensation.

“You cannot legislate away file sharing,” adds Gonza. “Those who share our music are also those who appreciate it the most. They are my friends, and friendship is something to be valued highly.”

Band Puts Album on Pirate Bay to Protest Use as Evidence in Trial

[via Nerdcore]



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