The Gusto – The Way It Is

9 06 2009

So, und jetzt mal was punkiges, weil es das so selten gibt, was im übrigen mit Nichten daran liegt, dass ich das nicht besonders mag, sondern daran, dass man im Netz so wenig Gutes von dem Zeug findet. Das hier wiederum ruft in mir herrliche und schwer getrübte Bilder meiner versoffenen Jugend wach. Nein, so schlimm war es gar nicht… oder doch… ach ich weiß auch nicht mehr.

Bei Bandcamp gibt es auch noch eine weitere Scheibe der Jungs zum Download, diese trägt den wundervollen Titel: Culture and Shit.

„The Gusto is a dangerous four-headed beast.  Its roar is a harmonious orgy of pain and shredding, much to the delight of its young, drug addicted fan-base.  But it was not always this way.  The Gusto was once four young lads, leading totally separate lives in scenic Wisconsin.  As children, they had all in their own way come to the realization that they were too cool to be cops, too stupid to be doctors and too sexy to be lawyers.  This left only one viable career option: a hard rocking melodic punk band.  Through a series of events too magical and mysterious to ever be retold, they met and fell in love with each other.  Now they live as one, spreading rock so liberally as to give onlookers cause to liken it to butter.  Should the Gusto grace your ear-space, buckle up and prepare for some gnarly shit.“


The Gusto @ Bandcamp





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